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you show the lights that stop me turn to stone

Hey :) How have you all been? Anyway, today was Youth Day. Then all the youths in the church had to buy the yellow t-shirt which says "Catholic Youth". Unfortunately, I wasn't fast enough and didn't get to buy the XS and bought the S instead. It was still too damn big! But oh well, it's my fault for not buying earlier. Sherrie brought the XS and it looked awesome on her. After going for cathecism class, we went for the youth mass and sat with Sherrie and 3 of our other cat classmates. Earlier on she was asking Eris to sit with us wtf hahahahahaha. Then in the middle of the mass, the priest asked all the youths to stand up and go to the front. AND IT WAS SUPER AWKWARD! We had no choice but to go so we stood and he blessed us hahaha. People were looking at us -obviously- so that made it more awkward. But the unfair thing is, we don't get any presents! Mother's and Father's day, they got presents. What about us youths? *sigh* So tomorrow is holiday and I can sleeeeeeeeeeeep. Yay. Lmao.

Look at Sherrie! She's so pretty and I look like some... idk. Hahaha alright that's all for now. Ciao :*

I like Kim

I was on tinychat just now and there was this girl, Kim who keeps saying i'm cute and she wishes I'll be her sister hahahaha :') She's sooooo nice and funny! I like her :D But she slept now because it's 3+ in Japan and she got work. And now... it's 2:24am. Hmmm i'll sleep. Though i'm not really sleepy. Heh. Just daydream in my bed till I fall asleep. I could actually stay in tinychat longer but most have left cause they're all sleeping. Expecially Kim :( Sighhh. I'll come back tomorrow night again. But I can't stay up until late because Toni won't be sleeping over tmr. And i'm too scared to be up this late without anyone doing it with me. So yeah, till then ciao :*

early morning camwhoring :) (1-3am)


Okayyy buena noches :*

home sweet home

Heyyyyyy. Hahahaha i'm back home from Malaysia. Hehe we went there with Toni's family and stayed in a house. Duh. So most of the time we just ate and ate and ate. And took some photos. Which are mostly selfies of me. Hehehe i'll post the photos here later. Bye :*

hey baby won't you look my way, I can be your new addiction

Hello. So today was a normal Sunday. We went to church, ate outside and shop around. AND I got back my lappy. Hehehehe. So anyway, we're going to Malaysia tomorrow and come back on Tuesday night. We're going with Toni's family. When I asked my mom what we're gonna do there, she said, "Eat, sleep over in a hotel then come back." Hahahahahahahaha everything is about eating. KKKKKK.

-sigh- I'm looking at this advertisement about ONSUGAR having an iPhone app. Y U NO MAKE AN ANDROID APP TOO?! It's so unfair to android users like me. Oh speaking of phones, I think i'm gonna upgrade mine to S2. I am currently using the S. S3 doesn't look good to me. :p

Kso, I think I have a new obssession over this Filipino actor, Daniel Padilla. He's 17! And CUTE! Sadly... I just found out he has a girlfriend :( 

He's born on April 26 1995 hehehehe

SEE HE'S SOOOOOOOOO HANDSOME AND CUTEEEEEE :D <3 But I don't have a chance so forget it :p

Ciao :*

snow white and the huntsman

Helloooooo people. Hahaha it has been a long time since i've posted. Well actually, I was going to post about the activities Kimberly and I have done. But apparently, something went wrong and it wasn't posted AND I only realized it the next day. By that time I was too lazy to post. -sigh- So anyway today, I went to Jcube to watch Snow White and the Huntsman with Sean. Kristen Stewart acted pretty greaaaaat. So I don't get why people are hating on her and stuff that they would go on as far as to tell her to stop acting. Bitch please, if you can't act better than her, then you have no right to say that her acting sucks. -sticks out tongue- Okay so it was kind of awkward for the both of us hahahahhahaha. After that I went for tuition. But it was an hour earlier because I failed my english mid year so my teacher wants to give me extra lessons. And it was funnnnn! Thanks to Ms Saw. Hahaha she's an awesome and coooool teacher. :D Alrightttt so that's all for now. Ciao :* (i bit the side of my mouth 3 times yesterday and twice again today. It's still bleeding and it's damn damn painful :( )

my love

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The skirt is soooooooooooooooooooo pretty :) and your smile hahahahaha ask Yichin for her opinion

heyyyy ;)

so, doing this post for my loveeeee, SARAHHHH

HEHEHEHE. she wanted to see my new 'smile' and skirt it's another reason to camwhoreeeee;)






so my new skirt :)




liverpool ah siol HAHAHHAHA NO WAY #GGMU united for lifeeeee ;)


step cute


oh and euro starting whohooooo GERMANY;)


k bye love you guys mwah :*

Day 1 of the Holiday

Hey. Hahahahaha yesterday we went to Forever21 to have a shopping spree. And guess how much we spent on 9 items? Yup, 213 bucks. My dad was damn angry because in the end, he had to pay for everything. And O M G, I love my new high waist shorts. There was a lot more I bought but i'm not gonna go into details. Maybe next time when I have my shopping spree again. Hehe. Okay so today I had a Youth Worshop in my church. I though it will only be a bible sharing and the normal stuff, but apparently, it was so much more fun than I expected! We played ice breaker games and then we also had some bible sharing then more games. But Sherrie and I decided to watch a movie, which is really scary, with Jaslyn and Isabella. Hahahahaha I guess I won't be able to sleep tonight... Hmm I think I want to join the Youth group in my church. It seems really funnnnnn! Teeheeheeheehee. Aite, that's all for now. Ciao :*

why are we so adorable?

Hehehe hi Lijah :*

We're so adorable, yeah? We went to the furniture shop at Jcube just now. And I guess it's gonna be another place for us to go to hahahaha. There's just so much awesome things there. The problem is, we don't have the money. Oh well, next time when we have enough, we'll buy from there. Anyway, I have a pet rock called Rocky. I'll take a pic of it next time because i'm feeling super duper lazy now. Aite ciao :)

lost myself and i'm nowhere to be found

Hola! How are you people? Hehehehe so I think whenever i'm with Kimberly, I get to save money. Lalala lub her <3 -sigh- i'm still hungreh. Hmmmmm I think I should eat some good food. Anyway I can't wait for holidays to start! 2 more days yay hahahahaha. I have so much plans with my girlfriends and my dearest, best guy friend. Not boyfriend fyi. We'll go to town, have picnics, have a movie marathon, play around, and camwhoreeee. Oh yeah we're all camwhore freaks. Teehee. Oh! August is coming. And two of my friends are having their birthday on that month. Hmmm I wonder who they are. Apparently I forgot. Tsk, i'm such a bad friend. Heh. :p Ugh i'm seriously feeling hungry. I need to eat. NOW.

au revoir :*